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To reach the goal of dreams

Hello, folks ~ Long time (really) since post something here
I often post something because of lack of topics :/ (hope people don't group me as inactive blogger) but that's the reality haha
Just as the subject, that's the dream ~ what to say life's dream since childhood , ah childhood's dream -what do you want to say ?><"
Somehow to convert it into the text it's quite difficult and can make misunderstood I hope you didn't misunderstood really , forgive me , okay ?
Everything we do to reach the dream but we can't forget about the One who makes the scenario of our life that's Jesus Christ. He plans all of the thing happen in our life, so we need to say thanks to Him, every thing happen have some mean to our life. In the past we face some difficult, but because of that in the future we stay strong and always rely on God. Even we rely on God but we need to do what should we do, not just wait His help and do nothing.
What is this feeling (haha) but I need to face it whatever happen and be strong. As the future medical I need to be strong whatever I have to face and rely on God , become a medical that's rely all of her life to Jesus and do what Jesus want in my life.
Since I was born in this town, and I will go to another town to reach my goal. Honestly, it's have some mixed feeling, but believe that is the part of my life's way
Thank you for everyone who support me , and keep support me in your pray :D
If you have time and can go, let's meet I'm sure I will miss you all and become noisy when we meet xD haha

One more goal, I hope someday I can go to Japan ! See annabloem chan in Iwate and see my acquaintance in Kyoto ( She really hope me go there, and of course I want go there xD) and go to Arashi's concert with sky_fish7 xD
see EXILE's concert with ann_chibiand sacchanxd xD
18_sz I think I can everywhere with rin chan -from where your confidence XD
Let's do the arashi trip xD toshinyan
and many lj friends xD I be grateful to know you all (❤)

haha, that's quite many goals to reach but believe if Jesus let it be , I believe I can go there xD so wait for me , Japan !
Maybe I will not really active here because of I need to study, but for sure the one who will miss it is me haha
fangirl-ing is fun but I need to focus on the real life. Please support me in your pray :)
Sorry if I hurt you unconsciously from my words, really I don't have bad intention , just purely want to be friends.
Thank you

if you need

I will upload 「Dream.Power.Challenge」that GENERATION came there
They went to Vietnam -if I am not wrong, the year 2014
I'm not a big fan or what, just like to see and I need some space in my hard disk so I will upload it to Mega
The source of the file (for English sub) from the Dailymotion (GENEsubs) and the other I searched at google
for make you easy to watch , it's just 12 episodes
by the way, some episode have Vietnamese subtitle ~
tanoshimi ni shite kure~

The decryption key : !-Jz4a6vOhWoopXBitZjrfw
Be honest, too many things that I should not really care for. But, I felt pity for them, What can I do for them , even that a little things. Yeah, the things what can I do just pray. Everything that make me want to care about, just pray it. Of course, keep the motivation in the heart and believe that God will do something, I believe that !
This is just my opinion, for something really important you need to choose the decision carefully (really really, please)
Religion just act as in this world, but that's different with salvation.
And the one who got the salvation, we should life as God's want, not as what we want. The things that we do in this world, other people see that and will relate it to our God,
The things that we do (in conscious) disgrace ourself,it wilk disgrace our God. I hope you think before do something.
I believe even just as fast as light people may read this can understand what I want to talk.
Let Jesus brings your burden , keep the spirit ! You should tell others about the gospel, not for us, but for they who really want to know about the salvation what we have in Jesus Christ.
Jesus bless you !

Fukkatsuuuu~ (LOVE)

Maa, the title is not really have a relation with it ( don't know why want to write it)
After the test (read: war) that I passed yesterday, the rest thing to do is pray and prepare. Wherever the high school the target point still same, that I will be a doctor.
I remember about my teacher's word to me, that you should be different from other, the way makes you different is to write something. You can change people with writing.
So, from now on I will continue writing, even the content just to release the stress (it quiet effective :3)

At the test field, I met my junior high school teacher. The real things that I met (or saw in exactly) him many times but we didn't talk to each other. Good things that I went there with my father (many relation and it's mystery ~~) and have a talk there. Of course with his child too, she is 1 year old than me, but I have known her since the elementary school, the flow just nostalgic (maa, I really thankful that I have a good memory in the elementary school). So, before the test began, we talked many things. Since the elementary school I haven't met her, umm, 6 years close (quiet long ne)
If Jesus wills, I passed the test (We don't know what will happen in the future,so we pray and give all to His hand)

I want to raise the TOEFL score (confusing score, still a little again it will passed for the International use) , and I have a reflection why I still not get the score that I want because I still need to learn and practice. I realize that I watch Japanese shows too much (in my brain when I think about word the first word came is Japanese _-, and maybe that word more suitable better than other word) I will try to find the word in one language so, it will not confusing.

Ah,it's really late, I downloaded Sekamuzu and Anishi, the development of the sekamuzu story really interesting (if you have time and interest you can watch it) xD
I am hungry~~(When people around me hear this, they will say "Why you said it, just eat!" aahah, maybe I just want to tell them what I felt)
Tomorrow I will download the EXILE videos, thanks to ann_chibi that give the source xD

Update shimasu~

aaah~ can't wait for the exam notification >< am I really get a great score ? I hope so. But when look back hmm, reflect how I studied hmmm aaa, hope the best for it !

When watch VSA, it's really make me excited because kouhai came there xD when senpai came there too :3

really long time since the last post, but I often visit LJ to read other people post, it's more interesting (and I want to make this post and from now interesting)

I like Shabekuri 007 and from there (for sure or maybe) I like owarai xD and Nep League too xD
it's interesting when Percent Balloon and perfect :)
Oh~ I watch KinKi Kids no Bunbuboon and Kanjani Chronicle, quiet interesting.
If I see until know, maybe many 'interesting' things that I said but other people didn't agree haha maa, people have their interest 人それぞれだよ~

I started to make a fashion design but the real intention that I want to make some clothes with my own, use the sewing machine and make some cosplay customs~
Make clothes is really tired when you need to find the cloth and the pattern that you like ~ こだわるな~

Since I will go to the university, I will live on my own (waa~ ) I hope I'm okay ><
I want to try to translate some video but someone can help me to teach me about aegisub ?

Nothing special - >< -

Konbanwa folks :3
My friend will go to some japan festival tomorrow
Hope I can go with her, but yeah~ bad condition and will take another chance
I hope I have a chance to cosplay :v
I really like it, but still have not chance ~
(maybe in the future)

I want to fight in the last mission -somehow it's really cool when I say look like that- :D
as one group !

We made some new cover , but many things around us that quite noisy , but I believe the recordings quite fine !

Please listen and give some comment or likes <3

Happy Birthday Sho-nyan and Hina :D

I know it's one day late :3 (for Sakurai's birthday XD)
But let me say it
Happy birthday Sho-nyan XD
34 years old ~ (woo with me have different 16 years old XD)
and Hina too, Happy birthday XDDD
Look at the ikemen doll make me laugh (such suspense in the afternoon ~ )
I watched Kanjani Chronicle and it's quite interesting :3

I made some cover for Arashi's song that----- WISH :D
Somehow I am not really know how attach the soundcloud to lj so~
Please listen XD
haha, somehow I love to make some recording XD

Dozo ~~

Long Time Since Last Year

Happy new years, folks XD
Yeah, it's 18 days ago but this is the first post of the year :D
Don't know I don't want to post or I said I was busy study (haha, I need to focus study ! I have a big goal for the university , I hope I pass the exam, Amen !)

Since last year,I made new friends, in the internet and the reality too ( In the reality, hmm, I know her and somehow will be a good acquaintance XD hope I can be friend with her)
kurokouchi annabloem18_sz :D Thanks for added me back XD

To the National Exam - 77 days
To the National University Selection - 114 days
To the National University Exam - 128 days
Quite strict , need to power up the schedule (of course the studying course !!!)
I believe I can do it, because Jesus helps me and never leave me alone, He who protects me , really love Him :D

Ah, some good news XD my friend will go to Japan tomorrow, good things that her dream comes true, I will go there someday with her :D reisouren omedetou ne~ hihi
I wait for the omiyage hihi

Wait for the N3 announcement , waaa, quite excited, Will I pass it ? Maybe 1 weeks again ~
One week again, Sho-chan's birthday XD
I finished the test for my paper, it's quite strict, but I relieved that I finished it :D Thanks God :D

It's really cute when see J and Kame together XD

By the way I made some cover for Arashi's song (the first time make cover, and quite..)
don't to be strict okay ? ahah, I made this with reisouren this evening
To celebrate her go to Japan XD

You can hear that if you want to know my voice :p

Yoroshiku ne~~

こんばんは~~~~ エウオです。久しぶりですね。お元気ですか。なにかかわった? 最近忙しいになりました、 いいえ、まだです、忙しい日々。

This afternoon, I got my math test, such a big mistake ! Ah! Let it be, just regret what is left :( 😂😂😂
I remembered something right, but not the answer for that question, and such careless person, I need to be careful, more careful and see carefully !
Will not go to the same hole, yeah the same mistake! This is an overreaction :v don't mind it too hard.
I hope all the best for you, folks ! God bless us.
I hope I get in medical department at the university. Amen.
How about you, guys ? I hope you work hard and pray more.

Such a long time not to upload some pictures, but unfortunately, in this device I don't have many pictures to share. Really busy, and will reduce my watching time to do the task time plus studying time. For studying time that's the priority.

By the way, today I finish watched the historical movie "Elizabeth" with other at Indonesian subject. Yeah, for commercial, or I said safety, not sure to say that yeah, if you know what I mean. Not all of the part was watched,many part skipped. The other class watched Mary Anttonie (if I am not wrong writing her name).
There more task! Fighting fighting !

Only 7~8 months left, when my status will change from the senior high student to university student. Medical department UNPAD 2016. Amen.

The results aren't all the purpose, but I will do my best whatever it will be. Ganbarimasu.
reisouren you too, chase your dream, don't let other to control your dream!
hikara27  fight ! For your first year at university ! God bless you.

God bless us, Jesus with us, and God love us ! Never leave us behind.

Gintama 284! XD

お久しぶり~ お元気ですか。^^
Hello, folks! Long time no see, yeah, since go back to school many things to do, of course assignment ~ And good think maybe really thankful, because maybe I'm third grade or because of the location of the class, the presentation of the teacher increased. Haha, so everyday will be busy time, or rather I will said tired for many reasons :v
Not because of the teacher, of course I am really thankful about it. The many reasons that the activity I do after the class over.
Not really sure that the pictures will finish to upload yeah~ just wait and see haha
Tomorrow I will get a quiz, chemistry quiz ! 頑張ります、そして
Present our presentation about the experiment at the chemistry lab this monday XD

ah, the pictures finished upload to journal ;)

Miyake-kun really jiyuu jin deshou nee~ free person number 1 at Johnny's XD
Kawaiissu XD not sure I am really like the boys that cute XD

you need some space for this ! ><

*kyaaaaaa* XDDDDDDDDDD

dere dere horaa~~~

Sakurai too, really dere dere haha. Senpai's lip really soft :x can't do anything else expect shout it XD kyaaaa~
Sakurai's lip too really soft >/////////<

Sakurai's face when see Tanaka and Takahashi do the neta, xD but Ueshima-san didn't come haha
Sakurai asked where is Ueshima-san XD

:# Ariyoshi with Miyake :3 such cute pairs, haha

Kawaii !

Tonkotsu XP but macho yey~!
I saw him at Maou, and I thought that glasses really suit him :# :*

That's Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai deshita !

Next, to Gintama XD

Finally out ><, News Zero parody XD is that really okay ? haha but that's fun haha

Hora same right ~ XD

Kuro no Onna Kyoushi ? hm, not really sure, someone tell me, please !

hahaa XD cool, just look like rock lee haha

When you see something that you shouldn't see.

Joshima riida, parody of TOKIO
yeah, maybe the previous episodes when Katsura talked about leader, maybe he said about Joshima-kun too.

Matsu-nii XD He is from TOKIO too :3

lol XD

Hope you see the days cheerfully, don't be negative.Be yourself, do and see the right not the false one. Love yourself, but don't be an egoist. For university, I will fight !
Hope you sleep well and お休みなさい❤❤❤❤❤
Jesus bless you and me, in the past, now and forever :)
His love never empty, it will fill your heart ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤



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